Developing up in Australia in a period when fad diets and homophobia happened to be all the rage, for my situation, the 90’s and early 00’s meant fad diets and sneaking to Sydney in order to make down with girls regarding week-end. We hid my sexuality and forced me having connections with guys to appease society, I went on every diet possible to squeeze into exactly what diet culture had convinced all of us was actually the ‘ideal body’.

I hated myself for an effective percentage of my personal teenagers and early 20s. I slipped into and regarding despair, anxiety and eating disorder spirals, all because I happened to be attempting to alter me to make certain that I fit another person’s perfect.

A couple weeks in the past, I found myself asked in an interview: «As a satisfied fat lesbian, do you actually believe your system positivity, sex and as a result your gender expression are intrinsically linked?» I hadn’t really seriously considered this hookup.


n my personal mind, sex being fat have actually countless parallels: both are facets of a person which are significantly beyond their own control, they are able to often be linked with an intense sense of shame and self-loathing plus they are both personal qualities that culture views to be their own business when it features nothing to do with any individual. (Thank you, society.)

Being homosexual around australia has not been enjoyable; thriving the fight for relationship equivalence in addition to sheer torture that was the
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had been a proper highlight. Regardless of the undercurrent of homophobia present throughout Australian Continent, I managed to discover my personal picked family, and through them and relocating to Melbourne, I became and out and happy lesbian. Precisely why won’t we end up being proud? I became born because of this.

I happened to be produced fat as well, but culture has not caught up with this one yet.

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n thinking about the concern from my interview, I realised my personal sex appearance is the vital website link between my personal sex and my own body positivity.

If you were likely to label me, i’m a femme, as well as quite a long time I clung compared to that tag. Fitting into a heteronormative ‘femme’ character made getting gay a lot more palatable and my need conform ended up being mirrored by my wardrobe. In order to squeeze into the femme part, I used only rockabilly clothes, make-up and pumps for an excellent two years.

I baked, I washed, We amused, I became a Stepford partner on steroid drugs. Externally, I happened to be exactly what society thought a feminine lesbian should really be. I happened to be also miserable and that I hated my human body, but you cannot really observe that. I hid my personal rolls under petticoats, my personal self-consciousness under levels of beauty products and my should be liked by others distracted me through the proven fact that i did not love myself.

I was super girly, extremely gay and extremely fucking unhappy.

My human body positivity journey began about 1 . 5 years before, long afterwards we embraced my personal sexuality, because even though itisn’ longer socially acceptable to discriminate against some body for their sex, if they are fat… do it now. They performed this to themselves, they may be bad, you must save yourself them from on their own, becoming excess fat is actually an option!

Look at irony?

Living in Melbourne, where self-expression is encouraged and gender fluidity into the queer society is starting to become standard, I have found a new discovered sense of self. While i’m a cisgender lesbian, I simply take such motivation from my personal non-binary siblings because they live their own everyday lives since their true selves, unashamed and uninhibited. The likes of
Ruby Allegra
A Bear Named Troy
provide me personally existence and all of the motivation i must accept every aspect of my gender expression.

I’m today at a spot during my existence in which I state «fuck community» – Everyone loves my own body and I also’ll put on everything I fancy. This can be a concept that many people look for hard to understand, and quite often, unpleasant.

You’re a dimensions 18 and you are not trying to lose weight? Wait, what?

You got that right, bitch.

I love me just the method i’m, and this newly found self-love provides helped me personally accept my personal sex appearance totally. I am still female. I enjoy using makeup products and dressing, but in addition, We no more have the fat of society pressuring me to have a look a particular method.

I put on jeans publicly, I leave the house without make-up on and that I openly and unabashedly embrace my more powerful a lot more ‘masculine’ qualities. I am not saying demure, I am not dainty, Im powerful, physically, psychologically and psychologically. I take room and I will not apologise for that.


ustralia is still many years behind the likes of The united states and also the UK in relation to body positivity, fat activism, and LGBTIQ legal rights. But I was lucky enough for both surrounded me with a selected family just who love and help me, and found it deep in my heavy and juicy thighs to enjoy my self when it comes down to excess fat lesbian that I am, despite culture constantly telling myself that the two areas of me that we keep most precious tend to be unnatural and basically generate myself the devil.

Sex and body-positivity are just actually intertwined in the sense that, should you tune in to culture, you are going to start to believe that there is something completely wrong along with you, whenever in fact, you are perfect just the method you might be.

Why cover-up the light whenever you had been produced to shine?

Lacey-Jade Christie is situated in Melbourne, Australia and is the host for the Australian system Positivity Podcast unwanted fat Collective.



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