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ALGA features a selection of content associated with struggles for prison reform and prison abolition. This edition of from the Archives will unearth some of this record.

In the last instalment of outside of the Archives, we brought you the tale of Sandra Willson, a lesbian afflicted by wrongful imprisonment and promotion from activist group ladies Behind Bars to own the woman circulated. Nonetheless’re not the sole prisoner solidarity team that ALGA maintains an archive of.

The need to support prisoners—both queer and not-queer—was recognised by Inside Out. The class, mostly active in the 80s, was convened by stalwart activist Kendall Lovett. Their particular dedication to promoting prisoners, and all of marginalised people is clear during the archive.

Inside Out demonstrate exactly how queer background has been doing support of (and supported by) many different struggles.

The organisation wasn’t merely talking about gay guys and lesbians; a number of the updates highlight the battles of females, Indigenous folks, the indegent and many others (not that they’re mutually exclusive).


n important struggle definitely obvious into the archive is about highlighting the sounds of trans folks (during the time, the expression transsexual was utilized, both as a self-identification and a label).

Within the inside-out newsletters, you will find several characters to the editors from trans women who were seeking help obtaining female clothing solutions. Obviously, some prisons performed offer these, nevertheless the Grafton prison would not.

One Inside Out publication, from 1983. Image politeness ALGA

The person who composed a letter in January 1984 version, called Transsexual N.S.W., stated that the girl and another woman in the prison happened to be «two lonely peas in a pod obtaining pressed aside, put-down and [we] cannot get all of our legs off the ground». The letters towards the publisher tv series, amongst a lot of dilemmas, that experience of the exterior world is actually of essential importance for those getting caged of the condition.

The predicament of LGBTQIA+ individuals who are incarcerated possesses its own particular problems. In April 1984 some one published to your editors saying:

Why would gays or transsexuals have pushed about by officials in prison? I’ve been in prison for 8 years and that I’ve viewed them pushed and knocked around because officers simply don’t like gays in prisons. Some officials tend to be gay themselves even so they never show it freely in case they shed their own jobs and in which would they get another? About all they understand is exactly how to secure people up in cells overnight… Gays and transsexuals get addressed like dirt. So we should put collectively and come together and not allow the jail officials get over us. We ought to fight.

For the inside-out archive there can be solidarity between LGBTQIA+ individuals and a provided desire to break the rules against repressive condition establishments. It really is thus remarkable to learn these types of essential background within the archives.


nother problem that LGBTQIA+ individuals face in prisons is the policing of gender. Inside-out talked about this during the April 1985 version, once they blogged to the Anti-Discrimination Board to learn if men could have gender in jail.

They penned back your Minister for Correctional solutions will never do something against these acts. Inside-out had been sceptical of these responses, stating they would «be curious to learn right back from NSW inmates just how this plan is being interpreted at individual prisons, particularly in view of the existing furore over HELPS and the restricted level of official and reliable educative material getting distributed about AIDS.»

Ken Lovett and Mannie De Saxe. Image: David Urquhart, due to ALGA

Inside Out are often clear that no matter what jail bureaucracies state they actually do, the stark reality is typically totally different. This example additionally things to many of the moral panics occurring around HIV contained in this duration and exactly how prisoners had been usually at the coalface associated with the ethical panic.

But incarcerated men and women are often also very productive and break the rules against repressive ethical panics. In prisons there is a lot of activism around HIV. Eg, the division of Corrections permitted an AIDS education party at Long Bay prison, operate by those that had been incarcerated.

In addition they composed two AIDS avoidance takes on and pushed right back against the pressured assessment of these situated in prisons.

ALGA keeps the annals of queer solidarity with a selection of struggles, such as the struggles of incarcerated folks. This record lets us wish the activism we do now will as time goes by in addition echo a solidarity with many different struggles, and a commitment to finishing prisons.

Jess Ison is doing a PhD and tutoring at La Trobe college from the land in the Wurundjeri men and women. Jess is the agent for your Institute for Critical Animal Studies and a rescuer when it comes down to Coalition Against Duck Shooting. Of many evenings Jess are located ranting about prison abolition, fermentation and high heel pumps.

Nick Henderson is actually a curator and archivist, with an interests for obtaining, preserving and celebrating Australia’s queer and gender diverse histories. Of many Facebook teams Nick can be located spamming articles or photos from Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, or trying to seduce newbie volunteers to become listed on the archives.

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